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downloaded a program that used 100% cpu

Explorer at 60% CPU Usage all the time

Excessive CPU usage - infection?

Explorer.exe constantly running at 50% CPU usage

Explorer.exe 99% Cpu Usage

Explorer.exe Cpu Usage

explorer.exe running at 100% cpu usage at startup

Explorer.exe eating all of my memory and causing latency to be through the roof.

Explorer.exe shooting CPU usage to 100%

Explorer.exe Takes 100% Cpu Usage Constantly

explorer.exe uses 100% CPU usage

Extreme cpu usage and unknown virus

Excessive Cpu Usage

Explorer.exe taking uo 50% of CPU usage

Extremely High CPU Usage

Explorer.exe Usage = Slowdown of entire PC

Explorer.exe Uses 100% Of My Cpu Usage

Extremely Slow Computer/High CPU/BSoDs/Can you help?

EXTREMELY Slow Starts & CPU maxed out @ 100%

Extremely High Cpu Usage Problem.

Extreme Cpu Usage.

Explore.exe 50% cpu usage all the time

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